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(First Saturday of the month)

3rd May, 7:30pm

‘Concert of diverse cultures’

presented by our sponsor 

Multicultural Development Association (MDA)


Asim Gorashi



A world renowned Sufi musician from Sudan, Asim Gorashi is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator and world whistling champion. Asim combines folk music from the many tribes of the Sudan with sacred Sufi melodies and writings to create a unique musical experience.


Asim holds a bachelor degree in music composition from the University of Sudan. A multi-instrumentalist, he focuses on the oud (Arabic lute), violin and small lyre, as well as singing and whistling. He is also adept on keyboard, Sudanese traditional tamboor, mandolin, and viola.


Asim has lived and worked in Cairo, where he played with the mysterious maverick of Egyptian jazz, Fathy Salama. He has arranged Sudanese folkloric songs in 10 different languages and performed at numerous music festival events including Khartoum International Festival, Djibouti Fest’Horn, Galaa Festival (Egypt), Mela Festival in Norway, and Woodford Folk Festival. He is regularly joined by musicians with whom he has been collaborating in Sydney for the past three years.


Asim is currently based in Brisbane, doing postgraduate research at Queensland Conservatorium.


Imanzi Rwandan Drumming and Dance Group


Imanzi are a highly-charged and visually vibrant traditional music dance and drumming group from Rwanda. Now proudly based in Brisbane, Queensland, they take their name from the Eastern province of Rwanda, where music and dance are an integral part of Rwandan ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling. The Imanzi group brings that infectious, powerful and colourful tradition to cultural events in Australia.

The leader of the group Cyprian Kagorora is a much-travelled African drumming and dance instructor. Having performed throughout Europe, Cyprian is now bringing his experience and knowledge of the tradition to bear, making Imanzi one of Australia’s most compelling Rwandan drumming and dance groups.




Izalco formed in Brisbane in late 2011 – comprising a mix of musicians with the sole aim to get audiences dancing to their fusion of highly infectious rhythms of Latin America such as cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata, tropical and vallenato. Complemented by beautiful dancers showcasing both traditional costume and dance styles, they provide a captivating and interactive live experience.

With an ever-growing popularity on the Australian music scene, Izalco has quickly established itself and are now credited as pioneers of their style in Australia.

Izalco has supported legendary international Colombian artists Los 50 de Joselito and performed at a number of prestigious festivals such as the Woodford Folk Festival,  Fete de la Music Brisbane, Zillmere Festival, Ipswich Festival, Buddha’s Birthday Festival and many more.


Artin - Iranian Music



Artin is Kurdish for the light or glow associated with fire – so it encapsulates the connotations of the comfort and intimacy of warmth – but also the heat and excitement of fire – and what that can indicate in terms of the power and incisive rhythm of music. 

 With the majority of the Iranian population being Persian, Azeri and Kurdish, Artin also represent the broad range of music making from Iran – encompassing the diverse traditions of Kurdish, Persian and Azeri music – all of which draw to some degree on the Maqam or scalar system of the Iranian-Arabic-Turkish Maqam.

 Their repertoire also includes the more hybrid styles of people living in other countries outside of Iran – and in particular, the life experience of the members of the group who now find themselves resident in Australia, in a markedly different country with different cultural influences, all of which contribute to their outlook and their musical expression.

The Azeri culture and music of Azerbaijan, has developed under the influence of Islamic culture and Turkic heritage, as well as Russian influences due to its former status as a Soviet republic. The folk music scalar system of Azeri music, the Mugam, also draws on the Maqam. It is a highly complex art form that weds classical poetry and musical improvisation in specific local modes. The Mugam is also listed internationally on the UNESCO record of Intangible Cultural Heritage traditions.

Artin, based in Brisbane, are led by Kurdish violinist Jamal Khezri, and also feature Mohammad Nikooravesh (Electric Guitar & vocal), Majid Tahmasbi (Keybord & vocal), Arzhang Khezri (Classical Guitar), Ronak Taghikia (vocal) and Hossein Mohammadzadeh (vocal).







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