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Some Past Artists

Roger Woodward, Simon Tedeschi, Jane Rutter, James Morrison, Joe Chindamo, Karin Schaupp, Brisbane Chamber Orchestra, Slava & Leonard Grigoryan, Prrim, Kevin Hunt, Mythica, Riley Lee, Barnaby Ralph, Xylosax, Jade, Imogen Choir, Jaleos Flamenco, Kelway Quartet, Tulipan, Tom Millar, Andy M Stewart (UK), Gerry O'Beirne (IRL), Stringmansassy, Tinpan Orange, Kev Carmody, OKA, Tete (France), Bob Brozman (USA), Lucie Thorne, Dva, William Barton, The Whitetop Mountaineers (USA), Ewan MacKenzie, Donald Hall, Circle of Rhythm, Anthony Garcia, Tulca Mor, Tjupurru, Jack the Lad, Java (France), Sunas, Shenton Gregory, Cameron Ford, Seaside Symphony Orchestra, Jeremy Eskenazi (France), FourPlay, The Yearlings, Kristina Olsen (USA), Mamadou Diabate (Mali), The View From Madeleine’s Couch, Waiting for Guiness, Katus (UK), The Badinerie Players, Tijuana Cartel, Andrew Veivers, Sarah Hopkins, Jeff Lang, CODA, Frank Martheze, Wild Marmalade, Kooii, Jiggzag, Andre Reginato, The Ghost, Michael Fix, The Hottentots, Gerard Mapstone, The Poachers, Gareth Koch, Trish O’Brien, Dheeraj Shrestha, The Hipshooters, Totally Gordgeous, Harpoon, Cahoots, Mzaza, Ange Takats, Velvet Cellar Cabaret, Ensemble I, Spiros Rantos, Brachi Tilles, Sue Wighton, Linsey Pollak, Samjjana, Spot the Dog, Walisuma, The Redeemers, Omnia Ensemble, Mystery Pacific, Doch, Pejvaak, Dya Sing, Ganga Giri, Stone House, Warogus, Bolivia Marka, Anything but Roy, Invention in Time, Australian Chamber Musicians, Kingfisha, The Birdmann, Vishten (Canada), Gregory Page (USA), Gregory Hartay-Szabo, Stephen Phillips, Louise King, Tamara Anna Cislowska, Judit Molnar, Elena Kats-Chernin, Acacia Quartet, Jevan Cole, Jan Van Dijk, Marialy Pacheco, Ann Vriend (Canada), Lipman Harp Duo, Mark Cryle, Saruzu, Aether Quintet, Trichotomy, Painted Feet Orchestra, Zoe Black, The Unusual Suspects, Jingjing Lu & Nicholas Ng, Laique, The Sojourners (Canada), C.R.Avery (Canada), Joseph Tawadros Trio, Sola Voce Choir, Alexey Yemtsov, Apollo Ensemble (Holland), Helen Lam-Winther, Sine Winther, Manu Delago & Christoph Auer (Austria), Asim Gorashi (Sudan), David Helfgott, Kavisha Mazzella, Scott Cook (Canada), The Poozies (UK), Maru Tarang (India/Australia), Kupka's Piano, The Australian Haydn Ensemble, Sandy Evans, Alex Raineri, Orava Quartet, Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything (Canada), Flamenco Fire, The Company, Barleyshakes, The Muses Trio, Rebecca Chan, Eric Bogle, The Necks, Marshall McGuire, Umberto Clerici (Italy), Flinders Quartet, White Halo Ensemble, Ian Cooper, Ambre Hammond, Sásta, Yarwah, Winter Wilson (UK), Melody Pool, Paul Grabowsky, Tangents, Duo Blockstix, Artico Ensemble, Alexandre Da Costa (Canada), Peedu Kass Momentum Trio (Estonia), Sean Foran, Chris Abrahams, Andrea Lam, Ensemble Diaspora, Francis Gilfedder, Oi Dipnoi (Italy), Bungarribee, Andrea Vettoretti (Italy), Massimo Scattolin (Italy), London Klezmer Quartet (UK), Ensemble Trivium, Vinod Prasanna, Dan Tuffy (Holland/Australia), Streeton Trio, ​Luca Ciarla (Italy), Riverside Guitar Ensemble, The Balkanics, Katie Noonan, Ella Fence, Shenzo Gregorio Quartet, The Stowaways, East of West, Beier • Griffin • Pollak Trio, ​Trio Argenti, Sharon Grigoryan, Daniel de Borah, Lloyd Spiegel, Sally Walker, Eishan Ensemble, Emily Granger, Vivian Choi Milton, Roger Benedict, Vieux Farka Touré (Mali), Shanasheel and more...

Roger Woodward

Thank you for the memorable experience. I felt I was in Australia again - real one with real people and at its best. I will never forget it. The Town Hall is a living masterpiece and you certainly have created an inspirational and great thing.

Simon Tedeschi

I have played at Music By the Sea a number of times and every time I am asked back, I am thrilled. Not only am I in the most picturesque environs but I am playing for a community - a group of people who know each other, know me and know of the power that music has to bind people together and to enrich our lives. Schubert is the prime example of this power - how music is more intimate than any other composer, more humble, and certainly more beautiful for no other reason than to be beautiful. It is this sense that Schubert and Sandgate are ideal bedfellows!

Karin Schaupp

I have some very happy memories of playing in this series and I applaud Music By The Sea for their vision and nurturing of fine music, presented independently and yet to such a high level. This is truly a gift for the wider Brisbane music scene.

Sebastian Flynn

Music By The Sea is such a unique privilege for a musician - to be able to play at such a great venue, with a fabulous audience of interested and intelligent people - and with attention to every detail - including great sound. 

The Barleyshakes

Performing at Music By The Sea is a truly memorable special experience.  The old building has many beautiful spirits from past performances. This magic enhances the atmosphere and brings out the best in all of us, audience and performers included.

Mark Cryle

 Music By The Sea is an inspiring initiative in community arts. Residents of the Sandgate area (and anyone else with the good sense to drop by) can, and have, experienced musical performances of the highest quality in a wide range of genres.  The event is remarkable too for its longevity and the spirit of generosity and good will which pervades it. As Lord Byron said: “Roll on thou deep and dark blue sea” [actually it was “ocean” but it seems appropriate].

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